Home of the Original Zombie Burger

zombie_burger_small copyEveryone loves a zombie these days, or so it seems.  So, I had to come up with a great burger recipe to go with the zombie craze.  Voila!, the Zombie Burger.

Two 1/4 lb. hunks of fresh (cooked) meat atop a pyre of fries, all smothered with a frightening amount of our homemade chili, onions, and melted cheddar-jack cheese, then all topped with dreadful bits of bacon.  It’s a killer burger!

Note: This burger is named for The Cranberries 1994 hit, Zombie; not monsters.  He-he-he-he-heeeee!


I’ve got the music in me…

Even as a kid I wanted to Rock and Roll Baby!
Even as a kid I wanted to Rock and Roll Baby! That’s me in the red shirt with my 2 older brothers and dad on the drums, circa 1969.

One of the first things you’ll notice when you visit Shelton’s Big Grill, or when you look at the menu, is my love of music.  Many of our sandwiches, and all of our specialty burgers are named after, what I consider to be, great songs.  Music has always been a big part of my life, and hopefully will always be.

Best Burgers in Hampton Roads…

The Carolina In My Mind Burger. This is my personal favorite.

When you’re told something over and over, you tend to begin to believe it; it’s just human nature.  Well, our customers keep telling us that we have the best burgers in Hampton Roads.  In fact, more than a few have said that we have the best burgers that they’ve had in their life.

What makes our burgers so much better than the rest?

Following my mom and dad’s example, we used only the finest and freshest ingredients.  Sure, it cost more, but the result is well worth the price paid.

The Perfect Ratio

Our ground beef comes in fresh.  It’s the perfect ratio of lean to fat (a secret ratio only known by a few).  Each morning, and sometimes several times throughout the day, we hand press our patties.  You will never get this taste from a frozen patty.

Fresh, Hand Selected, Hand-Cut Vegetables

Our lettuce is always fresh and crisp, and hand-shredded.  I personally hand-select every head of lettuce that comes in my door.

The same goes for the tomatoes.  I choose only the best tomatoes, by hand, with a taste as close to homegrown as you can buy.  In summer, we use homegrown tomatoes as often as we can.

While in season, I buy Vidalia sweet onions.  But even when the Vidalias are out of season, our standards are rather mild and sweet.  We use a thin slice of raw onion on your burger, if you choose to add it.


Left by a cool cat customer on a napkin.
Left by a cool cat customer on a napkin. We no longer offer the “unicorn sandwich”.

Our mayonnaise is the best, and one of the most expensive, unfortunately.  But again, when it comes to quality, you can’t skimp.  The mayonnaise that we use is available commercially only, so you can’t find it in the store.  The only mayonnaise that I’ve had close to it, I’ve never seen in grocery stores here, but my mom still gets it back in Gretna; Blue Plate.  If you can find it, I highly recommend it.  The only mayonnaise I can imagine being tastier that our brand or Blue Plate is homemade mayonnaise.

We use French’s mustard, Hunt’s ketchup (beat out Heinz in a recent taste test that I saw on a cooking show recently), Gulden’s brown mustard, Mt. Olive pickles and pickle relish, etc.

Fresh Buns

I buy my bread daily from my supplier.  We’ve recently switched our hamburger buns, and are much happier with them.  We lightly toast them before building your burger.


We currently use 4 different choices of cheese to make our burgers: American, Swiss, Cheddar, and Blue Cheese.  One day I’m going to add goat cheese to this list.  🙂

The Rock-and-Roll Names

Last, but not least, what makes our burgers best are the great names that I give them.  As you can imagine, music has played an important role in my life, and so, each of our specialty burgers is named after a cool song.  Some examples are:  The Carolina In My Mind Burger, the Smoke on the Cheddar Burger, The Walrus Burger (I am the egg man), and the Zombie Burger (named for the song, not the monster).


Our 2013 Big Grill Scholarship Winner!

SONY DSCCongratulations to Mark Piland, this year’s recipient of The Big Grill Scholarship award of $500.00. Mark is a recent graduate of the Chesapeake Bay Academy and plans to study graphic design.

We received many more applications than we expected, and as you can imagine, this was no easy decision. A huge thanks to everyone that donated to this first annual Big Grill Scholarship. Our goal for next year is to raise $1000.00 and offer two awards.

Thanks to everyone who contributed, and also to all applicants for participating!